Adriana is the founder of AIK Life Coaching

Her life is dedicated to positively contributing to those who desire a higher standard of excellence for themselves and their lives.

AIK is designed to encourage those who feel their lives are in transition; those who are feeling stuck, frustrated & discontent, but know they are capable of so much more. Those who want to know how to trust themselves and master the art of living their DREAM LIFE. She assists you in strengthening the relationship with yourself and others – whether it is through divorces, break-ups, changing career paths, developing personal wealth or stimulating your total wellness.

AIK techniques will help you identify your life’s blocks, overcome obstacles, set realistic goals and create the proper steps to be motivated and inspired to achieve success because the key to your success is you. Can dreams come true? It’s all up to you!

My Mission: To positively contribute to others by helping them find their DREAM LIFE.

AIK Life Coaching was developed to make that mission possible, to help turn dreams into goals and goals into reality.
Adriana is a Certified Life & Strategic Interventionist Coach.

Adriana’s training in this area includes:

Certified Professional Life Coach from the Life Coach Institute of Orange County.

Certified Strategic Interventionist Coach, a coaching method which brings profound and sustainable life changes that help people to understand why they do what they do, find empowering meanings for their life circumstances and discover how they have been meeting their needs in ways that add or detract or just plain keep them stuck (created by Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes).

Landmark Education CertificationA transformative curriculum for producing extraordinary breakthrough results and access living an extraordinary life.

My Journey

Adriana is the youngest child of a big, traditional Italian family of 8. After losing her father at age 12 and a brother at age 14, she decided that she wanted a life other than that of her siblings. At age 22 she moved to the U.S.; leaving behind a small town with small ideas and the constraints of a very sheltered and protective Italian family environment. As a young woman in her early 20’s she faced several challenges as she moved from a town of 3000 people to Los Angeles, “The City of Angels.”

Learning to speak and write a new language in addition to integrating into a new country and melting pot of so many different cultures and religions was just the beginning. She had to quickly develop a new set of skills and discover her hidden inner strengths – resilience, focus and adaptability to changes, perseverance through challenges and openness to opportunities.

Her sole focus was finding the right job and building a successful and rewarding career, since she knew the most difficult task of all, having grown up without a father, would be attracting the right man and being able to create a rewarding, fulfilling life long relationship.

The strength that kept her going was her constant vision and desire to prove herself that she was unstoppable. Determined to make it, there was no looking back but only moving forward and carry through the main mission of achieving her dream life.

Throughout her life in the US she invested the past 22 years climbing the corporate ladder as a top Executive for 2 of the top Fortune 500 companies, making her talents and experience known in the highly competitive and fast-paced beauty and fashion industry. Adriana was awarded top executive from Estee Lauder the #1 ranked cosmetic company in the world. During the course of her career she made her mark and was known for leading and developing hundreds of talented individuals. Coaching them to get to the next level within the company; empowering them to continually improve and inspiring them to become more than what they ever thought possible. She accomplished this through being a leader and mentor, her passion for achieving consistent results through others, along with the desire to see people grow in their own unique way and reach even greater levels of success. Her international and multicultural experience gave her a unique insight in working with people successfully and equipped her with a profound awareness in affecting people of cultural diversity.

In business, she was a success; personally, however, she needed growth. With a journey that began with a failed marriage and divorce, she shifted her focus inward. She understood that no one was going to just hand her the dream life; she had to create it. She had to be the impetus of generating something new, unlike she had ever known before. She had to become free from the self-imposed limitations of her past and surround herself with positive influential people, those who could contribute to her life and those who could see her as all she could be. She understood, people don’t change but those who are open and ready can evolve. She had to BECOME the woman who would not only live her dream life but who deserved it. This journey, along with all of her life experiences have helped her understand her life’s mission.

Working with Adriana, you will be able to recognize and confront self-limiting beliefs, understand how these have been negatively impacting your life, develop a clear vision for your future, create clear and attainable goals based upon that vision. You will create an action plan focused on solutions and Adriana will keep you accountable so you can unlock your full potential – making your DREAM LIFE possible.

Consider this, Olympians, Presidents and CEOs use advisors, mentors and teachers to succeed, so don’t you deserve a coach to meet and exceed your ambitions?

Expect breakthrough results from your very first session.

Act quickly, time is limited since I’m dedicated to giving the best to my clients each month.
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