I have been privileged to know Adriana both personally and professionally for many years. Always admiring her steadfastness for achieving goals. As well as her Drive, Attention to detail, and over all passion for life. Adriana’s commitment to excellence is a signature stamp on any project she undertakes. On several occasions I have sought out Adriana’s coaching skill set to assist me in making difficult life choices to improve the quality of my work, and work life balance. Her insight has gained me much personal clarity which in return has allowed me to sort out situation in a more proactive way to be a stronger & wiser business professional. My Career as a subject matter expert in the Fashion and Cosmetic Industry has flourished because of Adriana’s mentorship and tutelage.

I am a better consultant and a better person for having sought out her talents and services.

I was really unclear and frustrated and felt I lost my power…

You helped me stay in control and gave me the wisdom to face the situation with integrity and smarts!

Elizabeth C.
Beauty & Fashion Industry Consultant

It has been an honor and privilege to have Adriana become my Life Coach in 2014. Her ability to inspire me to make life changing decisions, has been EXCEPTIONAL!!! Her discipline and commitment to my growth is commendable. I look forward to an amazing future ahead…


Lisa C
Regional HR Manager, Fortune 500 Company

Adriana was my life coach when I was going thru a divorce, dealing with my aging Mom and working through major life changes.  I was extremely pleased with her attentiveness, her natural intuitive sense and her inspirational and direct comments that I worked to accomplish.  I would highly recommend her to anyone going through life changes or just wanting to improve their life.

 Thank you!

Manal B
Licensed Broker, The McMonigle Team

Thank you for inspiring, challenging, mentoring & coaching me every step of the way and for “pushing” me and my team to achieve goals we never thought possible. I should always remember that first “2 Million” dollars mark and the pure feeling of delight and exhilaration in achieving it. Thank you for all the successive “number ones” experiences. You’ve thought me so much about the meaning of success.

I’ll always remember your profound inspiration:

“If you can visualize it, You can achieve it”

Denise D.
Business Manager, Fortune 500 Company

For the past few years I’ve been on a roller coaster ride – Adriana coached & inspired me at my worst and celebrated me at my best, thru it all she has always been there for me (Sleepless nights and all) Always pushing me to the next level and giving me the confidence and support I needed to achieve success. You’re an Amazing woman with a big heart and I’m a better person because of you.

Thank you for everything!

Love you

Ricarda S.
Cosmetics Manager, Fortune 500 Company

Thank you for being such a strong influence in my life. You’re the driver to my road to success an advocate to my growth & development. Thank you for mentoring, coaching me and being the advocate to my progress.. I couldn’t have done it without your support. Every day I’m grateful for all your guidance & inspiration.

Your biggest Fan!!!

Judy Y.
Cosmetics Executive, Fortune 500 Company

I have been working with Adriana for a few months now. She has helped me with an exciting business expansion giving me the tools I needed to stay focused and productive. She has given me the skill set to prioritize and accomplish tasks, as well as set reasonable deadlines. Adriana’s techniques have been instrumental in managing my fears of moving forward toward completing this Big Venture!

I’ve also learned some effective strategies for clearing personal road blocks and enhancing communication with my loved ones.

I highly recommend Adriana as a Life Coach.

Richard B.
Fitness Business owner

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